(Français) vcgencmd sur un Raspberry Pi avec une image Debian auto-fabriquée

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Munin : how to configure the update rate

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(Français) Installation de MyTinyTodo sur Debian avec Apache/MySQL

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(Français) Installation de GateOne : nouveau client SSH en HTML5

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Gimp warp tool: Midterm report

Already the midterm of the Google Summer of Code, and I didn’t post updates like I wanted. I guess thinking and hacking is still more easy and fun for me than writing. However, let’s correct that.

The least I can say is that the warp tool is in better shape than the cage tool the same time last year. The reason is simple, I learned a lot last year, and the warp tool need similar skills, and even reuse some part of the code.

That said, here is the report:

  • All the tool’s infrastructure is here and functional.
  • We can apply stroke and deform the canvas.
  • 7 behaviors are supported for now:
    • moving pixels
    • growing an area
    • shrinking an area
    • swirl clockwise
    • swirl counter-clockwise
    • erasing a transformation
    • local smooth of a transformation
  • Actions on the canvas are done with a round brush, with a gaussian like influence curve.
  • Tool’s options are strength, size and hardness.

A quick screencast:

Each actions on the canvas are implemented as a Gegl operation that produce a relative coordinate buffer, that is inserted in the render graph. The final image is computed with a map-relative render operation.

This is what still need to be handled:

  • Performances need enhancement. For now, for each stroke on the canvas, each operation already computed are re-rendered (cache does not work correctly), and this for the complete surface of the selection (the legagy code wasn’t designed for that). Other areas for improvement exist, such as the implementation of copy on write (COW) for GeglBuffer. The ultimate goal is to perform actions interactively.
  • A good tweaking is needed. For now, behaviors are not consistent.
  • UI implementation, as specified by Peter Sikking and his team.
  • Undo implementation.

As I’m more confident this year, I’m going a bit deeper and I work on related things, especially in Gegl. An interresting thing is that the warp tool is structurally close than a paint core, and is therefore a step closer to a paint core based on Gegl in Gimp.

(Français) NAS Synology: Debian en chroot, apache et mysql

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On da road again !

That’s it ! This summer again, i will participate to the Summer of Code program !

My last year’s contribution was for me a huge challenge, a way to learn a LOT of things, to meet and work with some very interesting people, and a big source of pride (even for my family, here we can see how much Google’s name mean something for the society nowadays).

This year, I’ll use the  knowledge I learned last year to rewrite the old plugin iWarp as a real internal Gimp tool. His pretty name will be the Gimp Warp Tool). That’s a feature that has been asked and waited for long. Here again, this tool will fit in the ‘big picture’, the future of Gimp (Gegl, live on-canvas preview, ..).

On a more personal note, it’s clear that my task this year is less challenging than last year (another deformation tool, structure relatively close..), and it’s kind of too bad. Nevertheless, it’s always great to work on a big project like Gimp, and users return it well most of the time. And hey, it’s cool to have his brain working during the summer =)

This time, I should be able to do the job right the first time (as opposition to the cage tool, that was kind of a prototype at the end of the summer), and avoid the 3 or 4 partial rewrite that was needed after the deadline. With a bit of luck, this tool can be included in Gimp 2.8. The start of the coding period is in fact not so far !

Expect news !


(Français) Installer ajaxterm sur un NAS Synology et y accéder en https

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Some cage tool’s update

It’s been a while since i didn’t post update here. There even was months without any change, especially when I got the idea to write a small ERP suitable to a Junior-Enterprise. I spend somes hours on it today, and I feeled like it was time for a small changelog:

  • as stated before, a rewrite of the UI management as a state machine, with a lot of cleaning (and some regression, I have to say ..)
  • use of a custom data structure, that allow …
  • the multi-selection of the cage’s handle, with a rubber band, to allow quicker editing of the cage, or simply moving the whole cage at once
  • the possibility to go back to the edit mode, to tweak the source cage
  • some optimisation in the Gegl operator that run the transformation

    There is still some bugs to catch, the more obvious is that the  image shift from the cage after a return in edit mode. But promess is made, it will be ready for the Gimp 2.8 release ! By the way, further work in the cage tool will be done in the master branch of Gimp, ne need to checkout a particilar branch.

    To celebrate all this, I made a quick screencast with a lizard as the victim. Enjoy =)

    (Français) Incruster des sous-titres dans un film avec mencoder

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