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(Français) Implémenter une machine à état

Mise en place d’un serveur musical avec MPD

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Use vi as a hexadecimal editor

A quick little post, a sort of reminder for me, but it may be useful to others…

You can use vi (or vim) as a hexadecimal editor. You just have to press “Echap”, then enter the following command


The text is translated in hexadecimal. Be careful : if you save the document, you save its hexadecimal form (not very serious : you can translate it back). In fact, Vi translates your “normal” text in hexadecimal characters, but after that, it uses them as a “normal” text.

In order to translate a hexadecimal text in a “normal” text, it’s the following command :

:%!xxd -r

Easy! =)

(Français) Ubuntu/Debian : faire le ménage dans les noyaux

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(Français) Chiffrer simplement un dossier sous linux

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(Français) Quelques photos de Prague

Some pictures I took in Prage last weekend. They are almost not retouched, I just resized them and I cropped one.

Btw, I wanted to give you a pretty usefull soft : mogrify. I used it to resize all my pictures at once, but it has lots of more possibilities.
Here is the unix command :

mogrify -resize 50% *

Be carefull, it will replace your original pictures.

The Saint Vitus Cathedral
Tux in Prague !
The Saint Vitus Cathedral, indoor

(Français) Sauvegardes multi-plateformes automatisées