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(Français) NAS Synology: Debian en chroot, apache et mysql

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

How to install scp and sftp on a Synology NAS

There is no scp or sftp on a standard installation of a Synology NAS. As these two softs are very useful, here’s how to install them.

First, install zlib and openssl :

ipkg install zlib openssl

When installing scp and sftp, be carefull. There is a specific version of ssh installed on Synology NAS. That’s why you must not install openssh with ipkg.

Create a temporary repertory :

mkdir /volume1/tmp
cd /volume1/tmp

Download the openssh packet (without installing it!) :

ipkg download openssh

Extract the files contained in the openssh packet :

tar -xzf openssh*.ipk
tar -xzf data.tar.gz

Copy scp and sftp in /bin :

cp /volume1/tmp/opt/bin/openssh-scp /bin
cp /volume1/tmp/opt/bin/sftp /bin

Rename openssh-scp :

mv /bin/openssh-scp /bin/scp

Create this symbolic link (it was necessary for me) :

ln -s /usr/syno/bin/ssh /opt/bin/ssh

Delete your temporary directory :

rm -rf /volume1/tmp

You’re done!

Article written with the help of this one (in french), with some updates. Thanks to its author.

(Français) Le ssh pour tous les utilisateurs sur les NAS Synology

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.