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SoC’s evolution

No, I haven’t give up.

Until now, I spent much of my time (that I have left after working for my exams), in learning. Understand how a 4.5 millions line software work is not an easy task, you guessed it. This is what kept me quite busy:

  • Git: the version control system used by Gimp. I’m quite used to Subversion, but switching to Git take some time, especially when you have your own branch.
  • Gobect: it’s a library that allow to use object-oriented programming in C, which is used by a large portion of Gnome’s project, including Gimp. It changes so much the way you code in C that it’s almost a new language. To be honest, my reaction on seeing that was something like “is that possible ?”. Quite disturbing, but I’m starting to overcome.
  • GEGL, BABL, and architecture in general: my tool will consist of a series of Gobject (Gegl operation, data structure, GUI, …), and creating this architecture assumes that you well understand how Gimp works internaly. I’m beginning to see the end as well.

This step is, I think, the most difficult, and takes times. But I will end it.