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User interaction

Cage Tool UI

Even if it’s not in my todo-list for midterm evaluation, I did a good progress on the interface part. It’s now possible to setup a cage, add point, remove the last (backspace key), and close the cage.

The reason why I did that is because I was really stuck in the project, and I needed to code a part a bit less difficult. It allows me as well to approach the core of the algorithm without worrying of the Gegl part, which was especially unclear to me at this time.

The target is now to tackle the exact opposite of the chain, ie the Gegl operator. This part is in progress. I will be able to test this part by using the menu ‘Tools/Gegl Operation’, with some cage defined directly on the code. The link with the interface will come later.

If you want to test that, even if there is not much to see, you could fetch and compile my branch (git://, branch soc-2010-cage).

I’ll probably do compiled version when there will be much to test.

Subtlety, however, I had to make a small change in GEGL, but not yet integrated into the official Git repository. You will have to apply the following patch to Gegl in order to compile my branch:

diff --git a/gegl/ b/gegl/
index 155758f..69a1916 100644
--- a/gegl/
+++ b/gegl/
@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ GEGL_public_HEADERS = \
gegl-plugin.h                      \
gegl-version.h                     \
buffer/gegl-buffer.h               \
+    buffer/gegl-buffer-iterator.h              \
property-types/gegl-paramspecs.h   \
property-types/gegl-color.h                \
property-types/gegl-path.h         \