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Moving from prototype


Some news here. In recent days, I talked a lot with my mentor and the others Gimp’dev. In my projet, I’m now in a state where a good part of things works. The idea is now to move from a prototype to a more cleaner and efficient form. In my case, since I’ve done a lot of experiment and workaround, it mean almost a full rewrite. The background is good, but the form isn’t. However, this work is quite fast and already well advanced.

Along with that, I started a algorithm that will compute the inverse transformation. Let me explain. In the majority of processing is the inverse transformation is used (we run over the target image, and we fetch pixel that should be there). It allow to achieve good image quality, in particular by avoiding aliasing. The problem in my case, is that the Green Coordinates, which form the basis for my transformation, only describe the forward transform. We therefore obtain images like that of my last post. Cheating is possible, but it’s still not ideal. The idea here is to calculate the direct transformation, to see where it goes, and interpolate for each target pixel the position in the source. It sounds easy, but in fact, no. But things are moving !