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Libre Graphics Meeting

Libre Graphics Meeting

This weekend, I went to the Libre Graphics Meeting, in Brussels, where I met my mentor. Program of the weekend, conference on the FLOSS graphism of course, but also some workshop, and for me, one of the rare meeting in real life of the Gimp Team.

When I came to this event, I was a bit suprised to see that peoples here was quite normal. One might think that there will be only old geeky nerd, but actually, not at all. They were very different people, old, young, man, woman. Of course they were more hair than usual, but still.

In any case, it was for me an impressive experience. Besides the relative language barrier, I faced some people that I saw earlier with projects rather crazy. I refer in particular to the Blender team who was present,  who presented the progress of Sintel.

Even if this weekend wasn’t especially productive for my project, it was very interesting to put some face on names or nickname, to see how the things works. It allow also to see that they are people behind, in case of trouble. And that’s really cool. Hey Alexia =)