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How to install scp and sftp on a Synology NAS

There is no scp or sftp on a standard installation of a Synology NAS. As these two softs are very useful, here’s how to install them.

First, install zlib and openssl :

ipkg install zlib openssl

When installing scp and sftp, be carefull. There is a specific version of ssh installed on Synology NAS. That’s why you must not install openssh with ipkg.

Create a temporary repertory :

mkdir /volume1/tmp
cd /volume1/tmp

Download the openssh packet (without installing it!) :

ipkg download openssh

Extract the files contained in the openssh packet :

tar -xzf openssh*.ipk
tar -xzf data.tar.gz

Copy scp and sftp in /bin :

cp /volume1/tmp/opt/bin/openssh-scp /bin
cp /volume1/tmp/opt/bin/sftp /bin

Rename openssh-scp :

mv /bin/openssh-scp /bin/scp

Create this symbolic link (it was necessary for me) :

ln -s /usr/syno/bin/ssh /opt/bin/ssh

Delete your temporary directory :

rm -rf /volume1/tmp

You’re done!

Article written with the help of this one (in french), with some updates. Thanks to its author.