Some cage tool’s update

It’s been a while since i didn’t post update here. There even was months without any change, especially when I got the idea to write a small ERP suitable to a Junior-Enterprise. I spend somes hours on it today, and I feeled like it was time for a small changelog:

  • as stated before, a rewrite of the UI management as a state machine, with a lot of cleaning (and some regression, I have to say ..)
  • use of a custom data structure, that allow …
  • the multi-selection of the cage’s handle, with a rubber band, to allow quicker editing of the cage, or simply moving the whole cage at once
  • the possibility to go back to the edit mode, to tweak the source cage
  • some optimisation in the Gegl operator that run the transformation

    There is still some bugs to catch, the more obvious is that the  image shift from the cage after a return in edit mode. But promess is made, it will be ready for the Gimp 2.8 release ! By the way, further work in the cage tool will be done in the master branch of Gimp, ne need to checkout a particilar branch.

    To celebrate all this, I made a quick screencast with a lizard as the victim. Enjoy =)

    3 Responses to “Some cage tool’s update”

    • jeff:

      Pardon, vous nes conaissez pas outre plug in pour le service?

    • This looks like a very versatile and long awaited Gimp feature :)

      All current (ie. Gimp-2.6.8) transformation tools are so limited and many others (like eg. iwarp) only offer a dialogue with a tiny preview – no serious or highly zoomed work possible. I can’t wait until your great feature is available to the public :D

      Thanks for your time and working on it!


    • Sublime!
      I think you are doing a great job, very important to the Gimp team. so congrats and my encouragement to you. This tool will be very useful and has a lot of creative possibilities.
      Thanks for take your free time and invert in us.

      GPS project chairman